Did not like the new iPhone 5s? Found the iPhone 5C too expensive to be a “C for Cheap” iPhone? Disappointed with Tim Cook’s leadership?

“The leadership deficit in India is aggravating our economic crisis” -Ratan Tata, ex chairman and visionary of Tata Group, India’s biggest group.

We need a Paradigm Shift

Many of us talk about revolutions today-revolutionizing the system, changing paradigms and making a new start. We want revolutions and we want things to change. We know the problems, but sadly no solutions. Many of you’ll will say “Oh those, those we leave to the leaders, after all isn’t that their job?”

Isn’t this totally contradictory? You leave the thought process on the leaders who you want to change? The world is in dire need of a new stream of revolutionary leaders. The world today is plagued with corruption, violence and distress. And above all of these is the acute shortage of leaders. The time of the Gandhi, Mandela and the Luther King is slowly coming to a close and the world needs a new stream of leaders. And these leaders cannot be based on the foundations of the leaders of the 20th Century because the problems faced then were quite different from the issues we face today. in the 20th Century, we were faced with problems of Nation Building, but today we are facing the problems of what I call ‘Nation Repairing’. The foundation is there, but the problem is in the type of cement we used for so many years.

To change the cement we need to change our raw materials – education. The education system should be modelled by keeping in mind that we are educating a race which will finally be productive 30-35 years down the line. Stop focusing on old things… Knowing about the Indus Valley Civilization wont help. We need to be able to relate our studies to our present world and what we can do in this world to bring change. In today’s world it is impractical to just sit on the streets and start protests and expect any change. It may gather mass participation but would not result in any action. “Sirph Mombatti jalane se kuch nahi hota hai bhai, kuch karm bhi toh karo” (Just lighting candles is of little use when you do not want to participate and be a part in solving the problems).

See the world as a piece of clay mould. The mould has been made but it has to be remodelled to make something nice. And remodelling that piece of clay is in your hands.

Thank you for reading