2014 is anxiously awaited by all. The atmosphere is electrified and the nation is “electionally”charged. Basically, it’s back to that time when all the political parties engage in wooing the votebanks. Previously, methods adopted were – making false promises, bribing the poor uneducated class by giving money, alcohol, lighting up cities and villages, overnight mending of roads etc. This time, we are getting to see brand politics, communal politics, vote-bank politics etc. Their sole interest is to rule India from 2014 to 2019. Considering “Vision 2020”, whoever comes to power in this crucial period will have to shoulder a great responsibility.

Narendra Modi

India has suffered in the hands of the UPA for the last 10 years. There’s a lot of anger and aggression arising out of helplessness. And suddenly, the entire political activity in India starts to revolve around one man – Narendra Modi! He has come forward as a developer, leader and a great orator. Projecting the Gujarat model, he extended hope. The reason why Indians are gravitating (not just polarizing) towards him is because they want things done and moving, and Modi is promising us that. Given that he has proved to be a very efficient CM in Gujarat, for once we have reasons to believe in a neta. On social websites (be it YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc), the rage is such that anything spoken against Modi meets heavy criticism, even from the Congress leaders who block anyone who goes against their motto and criticises them. There are those who bash Modi to the best of their abilities, too. But, on the internet, Modi supporters seem to greatly outnumber Modi-bashers.

Oh! What have we come to? An election of a great democratic country revolving around one man! The supporters and bashers have contributed equally to his glory as he himself. Had half the amount of energy that the Congress spends on bashing Modi been spent sincerely on India, the past decade wouldn’t have been such a disaster.

Interestingly but sadly, the age-old Hindu-Muslim tension is in the air. The Muslims seem to be against Modi. Some politicians/media-persons are trying to paint Modi as a Hindu extremist and hooting that he is against the ideology of secularism, therefore not fit to be at the helm of this“secular” country.

Are the Muslims scared of being less privileged? Are Muslims playing into the hands of politicians who are trying to induce fear in this community? The condition of India is such today that we need a strong man who can take firm steps towards improving the plight of our nation. In workplaces, Hindus and Mulsims are working side by side. I can’t believe that no Indian Muslim has any Hindu friends or vice-versa. “Mazhaab nahi sikhata aapas mein bair rakhna”, difference in religious faith/practices doesn’t divide our country, but lack of tolerance and quality education does.

If the country progresses inclusively, will the Muslims not progress? Is it logically possible? Here stands a fierce man who seems like a combination of Sardar Patel and Gandhi. Give him a chance. He is promising clean, transparent and accountable governance. He is promising us economic growth, national security and peace. (He has kept his word in Gujrat.) He has hit bang on the point by targeting the Indian youth via the internet and the Indian poor via inflammatory oration! Since he is not en-cashing on any particular religion or caste, he seems to have influenced a diverse crowd.

As of today, Modi is a brand; a magnet. There are people polarizing towards North Pole (Modi supporters) and others polarizing towards South Pole (Modi bashers). 2014 elections will tell which pole managed to attract more people on its side! And that, in turn, will decide the fate of the country.

Good luck India. Choose wisely.

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