He won Gujarat comprehensively on 21st December, 2012. He was appointed as the 2014 General Elections Campaign Committee Chief of the BJP on the 9th of June, 2013. He became the official BJP PM Candidate on September 13th, 2013. But, the real pitch for 2014 came today. Today will be remembered as the historic day when India’s 14th Prime Minister (hopefully) and the great BJP Leader started his 2014 Poll Campaign.

In many sorts it was a historic speech. More than 5 lakh people came to the Japanese Park in Delhi to see Modi speak…and he spoke with elegance. He raised the national issues, the failure of the UPA and for probably the first time since becoming the PM Candidate of the BJP, he declared some portions of his manifesto and his vision for India is 2022 – our 75th Year of Independence.

I will outline some of the highlights of his historic speech in Delhi today:

The Massive Gathering


Many Governments in One Government:  This was bound to come up. With Rahul Gandhi slamming the Cabinet approved Ordinance, there were talks of a rift between the party and the government and Narendra Modi was bound to speak about this in his much awaited rally today. The first main issue Narendra Modi spoke about today after finally taking to the stage was the issue of the differences within the government and members of the party. NaMo : Delhi is one state but it has so many governments; One is the mother’s govt, the son’s govt, the allies govt, everybody has a govt here. And of course, this line proved to be a crowd pleaser and Modi chants echoed all along the park immediately after this.

Attacks PM but also defends him: This was one smart political move made by Narendra Modi. He first attacked the PM for his failures and inaction by telling him that he may be a sardar, but he is not asardar. But, later he also defended the PM, who has been attacked internally as well as externally in the past few days. He said that the PM should be respected and nobody should be disrespecting him like the crown prince of the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi did.

Attacks Shiela Dikshit:
In Shiela’s bastion, Modi took no time to taunt the 3 time Chief Minister. NaMo: I think the most comfortable government in the country is Delhi. The Delhi CM has to do nothing, all she has to do is cut ribbons. She doesn’t have to look at anything, agriculture, environment, roads, law order. For everything she puts the blame on someone else. If there are any potholes on Delhi’s roads, she just has to blame the corporation, if it’s a law and order situation she says that is the Centre’s headache. She’s the only CM who has a scapegoat for everything. She has no accountability, her business is to blame those on top or those below. He also blamed her for not taking responsibility for the CWG Sham and said that if the event had gone well, she would have been the first one to go and make claims for her achievements. Lets see how Shiela Dikshit reacts to these explosive statements by NaMo.

Gandhi Family and Corruption:
Narendra Modi picked up from where Sidhu left. Sidhu said that MMS is devoted to making India ‘Soniya ki Chidiya’ while NaMo is devoted to making India ‘Sone ki Chidiya.’.NaMo said that the UPA is devoted to Gandhi Bhatki and these Gandhi chaps then pick the Gandhi embossed notes in that Gandhi Bhatki. Gandhi worship means they take all the currency notes with Gandhi’s imprint on them in tonnes. We now need to talk of corruption in terms of tonnes. This was a politically correct move as raking up corruption in Delhi is a better political move than raking up corruption in any other part in the country because the citizens of Delhi are much more aware in political issues. He also said that the country should be run by the Constitution and not by the whims of the Shahzada, or the crowned prince (Rahul Gandhi). When the PM was coming back from the G-20, he explicitly said he wants to work under Rahul Gandhi and has no problems with it. This drew many reactions from the BJP and political analysts, who were stunned at the fact that an incumbent PM was making such a statement. He also provoked the Congress’ allies and asked them who they will work with and for? The Constitution or the Rahul Gandhi?

Connecting with the Youth: The 2014 Elections are going to see a new influx of youth voters and youth voters are expected to make up nearly 20% of the total people voting in the elections. In such a scenario, making a pitch to these first time voters is very essential, and what is more effective than picking up the issues of poverty and unemployment. NaMo said that the world is moving forward and we are regressing. He picked up the essential issue of the incapacity of the UPA to make jobs for the youth and claimed that during the NDA rule, more than 5 crore jobs were created during the 6 year term.

The NaMo Punch: The crowd suddenly roared Modi Modi Modi, prompting NaMo to tell them the media has seen you and noted your enthusiams, they know that we mean what we say, so let’s allow those in the back to listen to what I am saying. This was definitely the punch line of Modi’s speech and his show of strength in Congress’ bastion.

Delhi and ELectricity: Electricity has always been a contentious issue in the capital and NaMo had to pick up the issue while addressing the masses of Delhi, and so he did. He said that the national capital has no electricity and even the PM needs generators in his house. He also said that though Delhi has enough power projects but the government has no vision and no intention, and is not interested in serving the people.

Back to the Prime Minister: After the past few days events’, our PM was sitting with Barack Obama and crawling in front of him saying “I am from india, I belong to a poor nation, I am the PM of a poor nation.” Slamming the PM, Modi said that the PM did exactly what some of our filmmakers do, the slum tourism, and displaying India’s poverty to win international accolades. He then went on to attack Mr. Rahul Gandhi in the same statement by mocking a statement made by Rahul Gandhi by asking the PM if the poverty he talked about was a state of mind.

Attacks India-Pakistan Bilateral Talks: The India-Pakistan Bilateral talks have been snubbed by the BJP. NaMo said that the the country is suspicious and is wondering what will MMS talk with that Pakistani PM. However, interestingly, he supported the Prime Minister and attacked Nawaz Sharif, who yesterday told the Indian journalists that the Indian PM is like a “dehati aurat”, or an illiterate rural woman. He questioned the audacity of the Pakistani PM to make such an outrageous comment and warned him that such a statement will not be accepted by the Indians.

Vision 2022: NaMo made it clear that he is here to stay in the national politics of the country. He also attacked the Congress by saying that they do not have any vision for India and nothing has been achieved in the nearly 10 years of the UPA rule. He also told the people that it is for the people to decide whether want a Dream Team to Govern the Nation or they want a Dirty team. He also highlighted the ‘Vision 2022’ and said thar in another 8 years, the country will see its 75th year of Independence-the Amrit Mahotsav – the nation has to decide whether it wants to continue with this state of conditions or want to see a new and emergent India on its Amrit mahotsav. This was where he highlighted much of his manifesto for the 2014 General Elections. Saying that by the time the country experiences the Amritmahotsav, no one should have any problems. Every poor should have a home with food before them. Every farmer should be smiling. Let there be a vision and a dream of every individual be fulfilled. This was an indicator of the BJP manifesto for the coming general elections.

His Mantra and Story: For the first time in a public rally, Narendra Modi was seen sharing a few things about him. He hailed the democratic power of the BJP and said that no one could have ever imagined that a boy who used to sell tea in the boggies of trains would one day become the PM candidate of the largest opposition party of the World’s Largest Democracy. He also said that he is a public servant and not a ruler and that he never dreams to be a ruler. He appealed to the people to have trust in the BJP and in Modi and that neither Narendra Modi nor BJP will ever break the common man’s dreams. He also set a new slogan for the 2014 Election campaign.

Government’s Dharma is – Nation first, India first.
Government’s only holy book – Constitution of India
Only one Pooja – Serve all
Only one vision – Sab ka saath, sab ka vikas.

Thank you for reading.