Part 1 of “Politically Best 2013” :

The frustration rose in 2011. The revolts started in 2012 and by December 2012, the people had lost their mind. The corrupt and inefficient UPA Regime has destroyed and shattered the Great Indian Superpower Dream. As Arvind Kejriwal says, “We are first class people subjected to third class governance.” We needed a tide, we needed a wave and most of all, we needed a leader. A uniting leader who would pick up the anti-Congress momentum and use it. A leader who had experience and the people’s confidence. A leader who would reaffirm the faith in the great Indian Superpower Dream. And then came this man. Narendra Damodardas Modi.

 A 20th Century man with the 21st Century ideas. He knows exactly how to balance the content and the punch in his speeches. He has a good governance record, and an impeccable one indeed. He knows exactly what the common man wanted, and makes use of the anti-Congress momentum. Today, this man attracts more attention than the iPhone, Sachin and everything else on Facebook and Google in India.

Modi-The 20th Century Man with 21st Century Ideas

He has made politics attractive again and ignited the spark in every Indian. The BJP is riding high on his popularity and the people just love him. Each politician and news agency in India is bamboozled by his popularity and does not know any possible way to take him down. They just can’t. He is the investor’s man and the common man’s hope. The Congress can do nothing against him. He has just changed the Indian Political scenario.

Indian Politics in 2013 would never have been the same without Narendra Modi. There would be no interest in democracy and Times Now wouldn’t have been able to show off its ratings as it does. There is a Modi wave, and nobody can deny that.

He has come forward as a developer, leader and a great orator. Projecting the Gujarat model, he extended hope. The reason Indians are gravitating (not just polarizing) towards him is because they want things done and moving, and Modi is promising us that. Given that he has proven governance record in Gujarat, for once we have reasons to believe in a neta. On social websites (be it YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc), the rage is such that anything spoken against Modi meets heavy criticism. He is turning the fate of these 1.2 billion Indians. The Government is getting proactive and trying every populist scheme and measure to influence the voters. But, with every passing second, the NaMo chant grows louder.

For the first time, Indian elections are about issues again. Narendra Modi, Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP Prime Minister Candidate, is the Indian of the Year 2013, and the Hope of 2014 and a New and Revolutionised India.

Government’s Dharma is – Nation first, India first.
Government’s only holy book – Constitution of India
Only one Pooja – Serve all
Only one vision – Sab ka saath, sab ka vikas.

In 2014, Vote for India. Vote for Modi.

Jai Hind!

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