Gujarat stands out distinctly in the country and the credit for it goes to Modi.
-Ratan Tata

What is the power of this man that not only is he liked by investors and businessmen but also by the common people and the daily wage earners?

The real power of this phenomenon called Modi lies in the fact that his
“actions speak louder than his words”. He is a man of his actions. In 12 years he has turned Gujarat into the best governed state in the country and one of the best industrial areas in the world. Gujarat draws investment from not only the local conglomerates like the Tata’s and the Ambani’s but also from many international firms.

What has Modi really done for Gujarat?

1) In the last 10 years, the agricultural growth rate of Gujarat is higher than in any other part of India or even than the whole rate of the Union of India
2) Gujarat has recorded the highest growth rates in India over the last 8-10 years with growth rates between 10-15% while the Union of India is growing between 5-8% per annum.
3) There is no acute shortage of electricity and water in Gujarat and nearly every area in Gujarat has access to 24×7 supply of water and electricity. This is a remarkable achievement in a country like India where people are still struggling to meet their daily food requirements.
4) Recently, Ahmedabad has been declared the best of the Indian Mega cities with good roads, access to real estate and healthcare and education facilities.
5) NaMo has also performed well on the Human Development Index and healthcare and education are reaching nearly every part of the state, be it rural or urban.


Narendra Modi has transformed Gujarat into the industrial Gateway of India. However, there are some reports spread by paid media agencies like the NDTV group and by the Congress run Agencies stating that NaMo’s government records are not impressing and he is a ‘feku’. There are some really ‘smart’ veteran politicians like Digvijaya Singh and Manish Tiwari who are constantly attacking NaMo amd the Gujarat Government. To that I would like to say a famous hindi quote which is very popular in India.

Suar hamesha Jhund me aate hai, Sher akela kaphi hai.

Modi’s Gujarat records are best in the country and thats why foreign countries like the UK, the USA and even Australia are holding meetings with Modi to build up relations. He is an amazing and iconic figure.

To end I would like to quote the great man himself.


Government has only one religion – India first! Government has one holy book – the Constitution. The Government must be immersed in only one Bhakti- Bharat Bhakti! The Government’s only strength is Jan Shakti! Government’s only ritual is the well being of the 125 crore Indians! The only code of conduct of the Government should be ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas!’
-Narendra Modi


Thank you for reading.