“Preach what you do”

The Congress needs to learn a lot from the above line. The last few days, nearly every media house, top politician of each party except for the BJP and every “Human Right Activist” has been speaking about one thing- the “alleged” violation of the right to privacy of a lady in Gujarat. The media houses and the politicians have blown this, what they call the “Snooping Scandal”, totally out of proportions. So first, lets look at what all this hype is all about.

Some videos and reports state that the then Home Minister of Gujarat, and Narendra Bhai Modi’s right hand man, Amit Shah spied on a women, about 30 years old, on the behest of a certain man referred to as “Saheb” in the tapes. May say the Saheb is Mr. Modi and many others say that the Saheb may refer to the girl’s father or some other man who ordered the snooping. The tape also claims that the “full state machinery”, including the intelligence bureau officials, anti terrorism squad, senior police officials, were used to snoop at the girl, therefore wasting a lot of state revenue on a certain girl who was not a threat to the State and had nothing to do with the State government whatsoever.

Along with the ASI, even the Congress leaders are really good “diggers”. All top Congress leaders and the media houses started taking “digs” at Narendra Modi, the Gujarat Government and the BJP. The Congress didn’t leave a stone unturned. Digvijaya Singh, Congress’ “over the top leader” said, “Modi is now a Saheb-Zaade” referring to this ‘Saheb’ controversy. We have a certain Congress leader, called¬†Arjun Modhwadia who said that “Modi is more of an Ishaq-Zaade than a Saheb-Zaade.” And can Kapil Sibal, Rita Bahuguna Joshi and Sanjay Jha ever keep quiet on any issue. The Gujarat Congress called Modi a “fascist” (sometimes they call him Hitler, sometimes fascist) and demanded his resignation. So literally each person in the Congress took a “dig” at Modi and the BJP.

Digvijaya Singh

The Congress is basically telling Modi that it should learn how to respect women. The ironic part is that this is the same Congress Party which governs Delhi and Maharashtra (in alliance with the NCP). And we all know how well women are treated in these two states. In Delhi, in every 18 hours, a women is raped. Mumbai follows at the second place with the second highest number of rapes in India. And what has the Congress done to prevent this “violation of Right to Life” in these two States? Practically nothing. They have just complained and complained and complained. “Do not politicise this issue”. “A women has been raped and the BJP is trying to gain brownie points.” “They are a communal party.” “It is their habit to make attacks” and it just keeps going on! In contrast, Gujarat has some of the lowest rape numbers in India, just a mere 437 compared to the several thousands that Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra and other Congress ruled states see.

So, when the Congress acts as “social crusaders” when an alleged crime is committed against women in their own State, why do they become a political party and a bitter opposition when an alleged crime is committed in a BJP ruled State. Make yourself perfect before trying to improve others. Thats how the world works, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi!