Today, on the 13th of September, 2013, a fast track court delivered what is being regarded as an Historic Judgement. It has sentenced the 4 accused (out of 6; 1 Juvenile who got away with his crimes due to the Juvenile laws in the country; 1 accused and the main accused committed suicide earlier this year) in the Nirbhaya Gangrape case to death. Many of the protesters protesting for “Justice for Nirbhaya” are saying justice has been delivered and this is the closure of the case. However, firstly, I feel the case is far from over and the case still needs to pass the ‘High Court Test’ and if needed, the ‘Supreme Court Test’. This may take another 5-6 years or maybe even 15-20 years considering the slow judicial process in India and the huge pile of cases that the Supreme Court and the High Court have to give judgments on.


Another thing is that this judgement in 9 months is in a way historic. It is a quick judgement considering Indian judiciary standards, and is at least a very ‘right’ judgement. Right in the sense that it has given justice to the delhi braveheart who fought hard against all odds but sadly could not survive. However, to call this case a closure will be undermining the value of this case. This case has now given a new path to the Indian Judiciary. There are more than 21,000 rape cases and over 3 crore cases relating to other crimes that are still pending in the courts and are awaiting judgements. It is time that we either strengthen the roots of the local courts and the High Courts or increase the number of Supreme Court benches to deliver speedy justice to the people of India.

Another angle is the case of ‘Death for Rapists’. Rape has been a problem which has been a growing issue in India and has hurt the image of India overseas. Not only women within the country, but also women from other countries have been raped or molested in India and this has shamed our nation overseas. These ‘demons’ have no right to stay in the country where women if often regarded as god and the culture speaks about the tradition of brother-sister relationships. Let all these brutal people be hanged and let our society be cleared of these anti social elements.

Lets make a promise to all our sisters and mothers this Friday the 13th. Lets promise them that we will make sure that these rapists fear the law and never commit such gruesome crimes again. Let us redefine ‘Friday the 13th’ as the ‘Fear Law Day’ in India.

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Thank you for reading.