This is the second part to India’s Foreign Policy. To read the first part please click on this link.

So lets start of with Part II:

Bhutan: The cute little toddler who is in awe of you. He’s very good for your ego since you can indulge your fantasies by posing like a superman/iron man/batman in front of him. You reciprocate his adoration by pretending to treat him like an equal. The regular supply of toffees and cookies and other delicious treats from your side keeps the relationship firmly grounded. He always seems happy and contended. Your worst nightmare is that C (China) may entice B with bigger toys and lure him away from you and your toffees wont work anymore. Sadly, you cant afford to give him big toys like C can.

Pakistan and Bangladesh: (Continued from Part-I) The world was once very liberal..liberal enough for you to date twins. Of a different religion. At the same time(aich!). But things then got less liberal. You wanted to get married as per the provisions of the secular uniform civil code. They thought it undermined their religion. You broke up. One of them, P, doesn’t take the break-up well and causes a lot of chaos for you. She does all sorts of bad things and becomes a bad person. She also Gets herpes and blames you for it. Tells everyone that you are the one who gave her herpes. She now wants to give you herpes. So keeps throwing herpes infected needles at you. She wants to hurt you more. Dresses up and offers herself to A and C to bully you. A and C also get a bit of herpes. Now, she, A and C form the Herp gang and you do not know what to do!

The other girl, B, P’s less glamorous sister, moved in with P after the split (twins nah). However, P started abusing her when they moved in together prompting your intervention to separate the two. P has never forgiven you for interfering in what she feels was a domestic squabble. B remains estranged from P, emotionally and physically scarred by P’s violence. B wants to be get back to being friends with you though. She’s nice but has a bit of bipolar disorder. She is currently perfect for you, often helping out with your assignments. But she’s messy and leaves her things scattered in your place. But you need her. She needs you. But you are too messed up to realize that. Suffering awaits.

Nepal: That joint family living in the small house between two large apartments. Head of the family took ill recently leaving the four brothers to fight for the spoils, leaving the family very insecure. They fight over who gets to head the family business and the household. You are like the neighborhood good guy who interferes and tries to fix the problems in all the families. Some of the brothers hate you for that and want to get rid of you and are considering befriending P and then C. You tell them nicely not to fight. They listen to you because you lend them money sometimes and also because they are scared of you. They stop fighting and each one becomes CEO for a quarter till they figure out whom to make the permanent CEO but struggle to reach consensus. It’s a truly messed up family. You smile and say you only want what’s best for them as long as it is also best for you…

Sri Lanka: You love birds. You have many species of birds, including parrots. In fact, everyone appreciates the diversity of your collection. Those birds also do a lot of good things for you and you and your favorite birds enjoy a very good relation. S was once a good friend who, like you, has been through troubled times. S also has parrots living with him. You are bound together by your love for parrots.

Then, for some reason, after the troubled times ended, S lost interest in parrots and wanted to find something new. He started mistreating them. Some Parrots got very agitated and started attacking him. You tried to pacify the parrots but some violent parrots poked you in the eye and also bruised one of your arms. You got angry and looked away while S put down the violent parrots.

Both of you want to be friends again. You want S to treat the parrots well. You offer to build nice nests for them.  But S finds it difficult to forget the violent parrots and forgive the rest of them. You are still trying to workout a compromise.

But you both share other common interests also. Recently, he sought your help with his science project. You sat on the offer, twiddling your thumbs and whining about issues. Suddenly, C barged in, completed the whole project and also built a telescope for him. Now you are scared bully C is watching you with the telescope from S’s house.

Afghanistan: P’s glamorous cousin brother. You are very, very scared of him because he is violence prone and doesn’t get intimidated by your size or wealth. P wants to use him as an ally in her fight with you but he is a bit of a loose cannon. Came out of a skirmish with R with a few broken bones and then got into a brawl with A which has left him bedridden. And just when it looked like A had helped him in stabilizing his blood pressure, his internal organs started troubling him again.Both P and you are locked in competition in vying for his goodwill. When he was in deep coma, you arranged for his hospitalization and paid for his medicines. You pray that he remembers how good you have been to him and doesn’t pick up a fight with you after he becomes fully fit.

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