Each coin has 2 sides. Take a look at the funny side of the State Elections 2013 and here is the twitterati response:


#1-Sir Sri Jhunjhunwala (@jhunjhunwala)

“Congress views Rahul Gandhi the way Yashraj Films views Uday Chopra. They think he’s a superstar.Its everyone else who thinks he’s a jackass”

#2- The UnReal Times (@TheUnRealTimes)

“Even NOTA not willing to ally with the Congress after #Polls2013 (via @ashwinskumar)”

#3-Sir Ravindra Jadeja ( ‏@SirJadej)

Waiting for BJP and AAP’s press conference when they’ll give credits of their win to Rahul Gandhi. #Polls2013 #TrustNamo

#4-Rajesh Kalra (‏@rajeshkalra)

Joke doing the rounds: Tring tring. Sheila: hello? Rahul: what is the reason for your defeat? Sheila: sirji, AAP #Polls2013

#5- Gentle Giant (‏@iKunaal)

Arvind:- Hey Sheila, want to hear a joke? Sheila:- sure! Arvind:- Delhi Sheila:- I didn’t get it Arvind:- Exactly! #Polls2013