Clearly, the word of the Day is Escape Velocity, just in case it escaped your attention through a busy day. Have you heard of Jupiter’s escape velocity… no aeronauts didn’t discover it today. It’s just that it escaped Rahul Gandhi’s lips today. And suddenly all of us Indians in the Twitterverse, woke up to Jupiter’s “60 km per second acceleration” concept and what’s more, Jupiter just becomes much more famous than the US Shutdown, the falling markets, the governance problems and for the first time- even Modi!

Wonder what makes one look forward to RG’s next speech….what bizarre thing would the speech writer have implanted there this time which will sweep the Twitterati off their wits, all over again. Hasn’t it become a trend? Remember, Poverty -the state of Mind; India is a beehive, politics in our pants, the ordinance is nonsense and so on…

But first things first. For the sake of propriety and perspective, here is what his speech writer wrote (hopefully): “In India we have caste system, here also you will find escape velocity. For SC there is a need of Jupiter’s escape velocity. SCs look at Ambedkarji with pride. The reason is he gained escaped velocity. And he worked on Constitution and worked on the reservation with Congress.”

Rahul’s speech at the inauguration of the National Awareness Camp Scheduled Cast Empowerment at Vigyan Bhawan again tickled the Twitterati into action. Lets take a look at some of the top tweets of yesterday on RG’s escape velocity theory.

1.Priyanka Chaturvedi (@priyankac19) This is what happens when u have expensive speech writers- #EscapeVelocity, state of mind, politics in pants, beehive & energy from rivers.

2. Abhinav Balyan (@AbhinavBalyan)
Janpath Calling! Janpath Calling! We have trouble. Pappu pressed the wrong switch. Mission aborted. #EscapeVelocity

3. R.S. Bains (@HerrBains)
Who were the audience when RahulG wanted to launch Dalits in outer space with Jupiter’s #EscapeVelocity ? Can imagine their plight.

4.€” Yashasvi (@rsyashasvi)
Johny Lever, Raju Shrivastav n Kapil shud tighten belts. All hv tough competition from Rahul. #escapevelocity

5.€” VB Singh (@vbsingh60)
You’re all just jealous that Rahul Gandhi’s ideas are out of this world. #EscapeVelocity

6. Faking News (@fakingnews)
From today onward, the universal gravitational constant, or the Big G, will stand for (Rahul) Gandhi. #EscapeVelocity

7. Arnab Goswami (@JudgeArnab)
The average height of a tube-light is 115cm, though at 180cm Rahul Gandhi is an exception!

“Dalits need #EscapeVelocity of Jupiter”- #Pappu

8. Gourab Rout (@gourab2409)
Rahul Gandhi: Milo hum aa gaye “Light Years” hame jaana hai #EscapeVelocity

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