The Supreme Court in a landmark order ruled that a lawmaker convicted by any court will lose his membership of the Parliament, State Legislature or any other body from the time he is convicted and will not be eligible to contest elections later. So wait wait wait.. this means we will have to run a parliament with what.. 6 or 7 people?

Reports say that the Government is preparing an ordinance to challenge the verdict and allow convicted lawmakers to hold on to their seats, against the wishes of the Supreme Court. But you cant get the Supreme Court to bend to your will. What do you think it is? The CBI?

Joining us to discuss this verdict is 6 time Parliamentarian and 30 time charge sheeted politician (bow to him), Munna Bhaiya:

Munna Bhaiya (on the phone): Kaun burbak hai woh.. utha de usko aur bhatti mein daal ke ‘chiken’ tandoori kara do. Hai!

Reporter of Being Political: Munna Bhai..

Munna Bhaiya : Hailoo. Bhai, kya kaam hai haan?

Reporter: About this Supreme Court verdict sir…

Munna Bhai: Supreme Court is keeping you trouble? Tell me Judges name. Sasura ko dhoon nikal ke peetenge. Kala Court pehen ke bheek mangega.

Reporter: No No, infact that is not the right thing to say at all…

Munna Bhaiya: Toh Kaun tang kar raha hai tumhe? CBI? Patloon nikal ke BCCI Bana Denge Usse!

Reporter: No no listen, I have nothing to do with this, its a Supreme Court verdict for you politicians. It says that if you’r convicted you can’t stand for elections!

Munna Bhaiya:Er… It is a ‘bhery’ good ‘bherdict’.

Reporter: What are you saying? You are saying that?

Munna Bhaiya: ‘Bhy’ not?

Reporter: Sir, you have over 30 charges pending yourself. The list includes rape, murder, corruption, extortion.

Munna Bhaiya: Toh hum akele thodi hai. Baki ke Membervaa thodi doodh se dhule hai.

Reporter: That is why I am asking you sir. How come you are saying that this is a good verdict?

Munna Bhaiya:  Becaj…In my istate… I can put phull opposition into jail. Dekho Dekho, ‘bherdict’ diya Supreme Court ne iska implementation kaun karega?

Reporter: It can be implemented by the police?

Munna Bhaiya: Jo khud hi corrupt hai!

Reporter: CBI?

Munna Bhaiya: Voh toh humare hi jeb main hai.

Reporter: Central Government?

Munna Bhaiya: Criminal procedure is a istate subject. Isiliye keh raha hoon… it iz good ‘bherdict’. Dekho, hamar upar 30 chargesheet hai. Haina? Abhi tak ek baar bhi jail nahi gaya.

Reporter: YES, but what if the verdict of these cases go against you?

Munna Bhaiya: Voo ek problem hai.But ‘bhe’ ‘bhill’ face ‘bhen’ ‘bhi’ come to it!

Reporter: Which is when?

Munna Bhaiya: 30 cases.. Average time for each case to come to conclusion is 30 years.. So ‘bhi’ ‘bhill’ start ‘bhorrying’ about this 30 into 30.. in about 900 years.

Reporter: You gotta hand it to him, he may be bad at all the thing he does but he is good at maths. Because 3 into 3 and then you add the two zeroes it is 900.Thank you sir. Good to know India is safe and currently, nothing is going to change in this land called India.


This was a satirical article. I am extremely sorry to those people who read from other countries and may not understand the language of this article because some parts of the article are written in an Indian language