What happens when one little Italian boy and a hardworking patriot clash against each other? It makes a setting for a perfect Indian political clash-The Great Indian Political Drama.

Rahul Gandhi

Often regarded as the brainchild of the ‘newly envisioned Congress’, Rahul Gandhi is the fourth generation leader in the Congress. Son of Sonia Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi entered politics in March 2004, and has since then occupied some of the top posts in the AICC, though maintaining distance from the UPA Government. With Manmohan Singh loosing his influence and nobody else near being a suitable PM from the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi is being pegged as the Congress PM candidate by many political analysts as well as top Congress party leaders including the incumbent Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh (Yes, even he endorses Rahul Gandhi). Rahul Gandhi is often called ‘Pappu’ due to his unwitty comments and remarks like:

1)”Poverty is nothing but a state of mind and can be overcomed by a strong mind”

2)”China is referred to as the ‘dragon’ and India as an ‘elephant’. But we are not an elephant, we are a ‘beehive'”

3)” Hindustan ek soch hai. Hindustan ek jagah hai.. magar Hindustan ek soch hai.”

4) ” If India is computer, Congress is its default programme ”

Rahul Gandhi is a clear example of an unemployed and confused ‘self proclaimed youth’ at the age of 42.


Narendra Modi

“Minimum Government but Maximum Governance”

Narendra Modi lives by this motto and has become the tallest leader of the BJP and the most popular political figure in the country. As of today, he has been declared as BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate and is also the Chief of the Campaign Committee of the BJP. NaMo, as he is often called, has changed the face of Indian politics. He has changed politics from a ‘caste based’ to a dynamic development based model. He is the Chief Minister of the Indian State of Gujarat and is currently serving his third term as CM, which may end in 2014 when he takes over the post of the PM of the country. Appreciated by all for his style and for his developmental records and governance, Modi is definitely the PM that India is looking for in this situation when Chinese and Pakistanis run into our country and riots are setting our country ablaze and who can forget the 1.2 trillion USD we have lost in corruption.

Narendra Modi has always been an agressive leader and has attacked the corrupt government time and again:

1)”Congress bas ek hi khandan ki bhakti mein hai naki desh ki seva mein.”

2) “Government has only one religion – India first! Government has one holy book – the Constitution. The Government must be immersed in only one Bhakti- Bharat Bhakti! The Government’s only strength is Jan Shakti! Government’s only ritual is the well being of the 125 crore Indians! The only code of conduct of the Government should be ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas!’ ”

3) ” I dream of a society that is continuously creating knowledge, where each individual is a part of this creation, where youngsters can pursue courses with freedom of choice, where technology is used for universal access of education and yet the importance of the Guru is retained. ”


Narendra Modi’s strength is his experiences and his rising up through various ranks while his opponent, Rahul Gandhi, has inherited the Vice Presidentship of the Congress party which is based on the policy of dynasty politics. Modi is aggressive and he is inspirational while Rahul seems uninterested and bored himself.

To end, I would like to make a small joke:

Rahul Gandhi: 3-4 roti khao Congress ko vapas lao

Narendra Modi: 5-6-7-8 Janta hai Hamare Sath

Jai Hind. Jai Modi. Jai BJP. Thank you for reading.

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