Lets face the true fact today. If your enemy slaps you on one cheek and you offer him another, he will be more than happy to give the same treatment to your other cheek!


Why do we accept both terror and talks?

We do not need the soft nation tag anymore. Yes, we may be the country where Gandhi was born. But we are also the country where Bhagat Singh and Mangal Pandey were born who sacrificed their lives fighting against intolerance.

And Pakistan is worse than the British. We need to give it an answer.

No country in the world can tolerate terrorism, and nor can India. Gladly, India has not even tolerated it, but our way to deal with it has been totally off track. We need to be stiff. And it is of no concern to us if the Pakistani Government is not in control of the Pakistani Military and the Pakistan Intelligence Agency, the ISI. That is their internal matter. The only matter that concerns us is that nearly on a daily basis, 1 or more than 1 soldier is killed by Pakistan sponsored terrorists or the Pakistan army. And our soldiers are not here to die. If the Pakistani government says that it is plagued by terrorism too, then it is a complete failure of the government and the government should be gutted down. There is no point of having a Pakistani Government which is inefficient and incapable.

The Americans figured it out and so did the rest of the world… and they figured it out in quick time. Pakistan understands only one language- the language of violence. The country’s central leadership is absolutely disconnected with the army on the border lines and it is high time that they are boycotted by India. The Indian Army should not suffer for the incapable Pakistani Government. We need to first give them an answer and if there are continued infiltration bids, lets give them a taste of their own medicine and let us

India is hardly a stranger to political terrorism and its human consequences. However, the recent well planned infiltration bid is not the sort of indiscriminate killing that is the mark of the Lashkar-e-Taiba and messianic militant groups of that ilk. This is the stuff of the Cold War: government fighting government through extrajudicial acts of violence.

We cannot have diplomacy and terrorism. The world has place for only one of them.