Products and brands have a life-cycle and a fixed life period. Commonly this cycle progresses as development, introduction, growth, maturity, decline and eventually death and disappearance. The pioneer of mosquito repellents in India, the Tortoise brand (popularly called ‘Kachchua Chaap’) is still famous but dead. The toothpaste ‘Promise’ is now mostly given in small bathroom packs in hotels. Ambassador car is a dead brand that is being artificially sustained. The first low-cost one-rupee pen in India, Comfort, is dead. The first famous courier service in India, Skypak, is now into other businesses or exists in other forms. The original Nokia ‘unbreakable’ phones are now hardly visible and have been replaced by low cost, high performance smartphones. Across the world brands and products have been killed by businesses either because they have outlived their purpose and value proposition or they couldn’t survive innovations and competition.
India became independent in 1947 but there is still no reason to believe we have freedom.The British left and the Indian National Congress party replaced them. Ever since, it has been downhill. The tragic fact is that for a vast country like ours we borrowed a parliamentary system of a tiny island. We borrowed from the US Constitution but borrowed the workings of a small island. A terrible lack of vision! In the US there are no ‘ceremonial’ offices. The US too had many political parties in the beginning. The Whig Party, The Federalist Party, The Democratic-Republican party and the Independents. Most of the Presidents initially came from these parties or were independents. After about 60 years of the US independence these parties disappeared and then came the Republican and Democratic parties as we know today. If one looks up US politics they too have a whole lot of regional parties but at the national level two parties dominate the law-making and governance. After 65 years we must finally accept that the Congress in India needs to die. When the Nixon hearings were conducted, the Senate committee comprised members of both parties which finally led to his resignation because of the US Supreme Court. In India, the Congress is capable of even turning a Joint Parliamentary Committee into a scam. For the last 3 years, the Parliament is experiencing the most unproductive time because of constant Congress scams, shams and policy paralysis… in fact, they do not even have a vision for India.
 We have all heard of huge elephants unwilling to shake off the chains that bind their leg. The elephant can easily do so but was bound to it since it was a baby and lives in the belief that it can’t shake off that chain. This is true of the Congress party in India too. The baby elephant that India was in 1947 was chained to the Congress party. 65 years later the huge elephant is still tied to that chain. Mahatma Gandhi wanted the party dissolved immediately on independence but those who replaced the British eventually ended up becoming the British.The Congress has brought nothing but corruption backed by violence in politics.  Corruption, violence, destroying democratic institutions, electoral malpractices and a huge black economy all came from the fountainhead called Congress.
In a history of the Congress party full of bad governance, unfulfilled promises and intolerable corruption the latest attempt to cover up the Coalgate scam is as bad as any crime ever experienced in a democracy. Not since the Mughals or the British has the nation been plundered so badly. When the Emergency was declared in 1975 some newspapers carried black borders in protest and some crawled. Since then, much of the media not only became slaves of the Congress party and the government they have even become traitors of the people they were supposed to serve. What else explains the frequent clean-chits and “honest” title defence of Manmohan Singh? A PM who has watched lakhs of crores worth of scams happening right under his nose was being defended by our media. Shameful! And if he says he is innocent, does he have the moral values and the conscience? If he did, he would have resigned.
It’s more than the massive corruption. Every institution of India’s democracy has been corrupted and misused to serve the security and comfort of the party and one family – The Gandhis. Everyone in the Congress should be wondering how they became such slaves. It even provides for special security for Robert Vadra, Priyanka Vadra and exemptions for them from screening during air travel or travel anywhere in the country. This country has been reduced to those that have tin-pot dictators like North KoreaSyria and Zimbabwe. I wonder if even Cuba does so badly. The off-springs of this very Congress who broke away, like the NCP or the Samajwadi Party have continued the same standard of corruption and misrule. Not just that, they have completely destroyed any concern and respect for ordinary men and women. They have turned the common people into specks of dust to be just wiped off the desk very frequently.
In the name of fake secularism the Congress party and its supporters have divided the nation through religious reservations and privileges. Every policy of the party smacks of vote-bank politics and nothing more. Laws are made keeping in mind either Muslims or Hindus. Even the latest directive from the country’s Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde (who has committed more mistakes in the UPA than a backbencher in his exams) says that no Muslim youth should be detained unlawfully. And then they call the BJP communal? Instead of moving towards an equitable society and more towards a uniform law for all the Congress has now even set up Sharia courts. Rahul Gandhi campaigns in Karnataka and talks about corruption. With what face does this non-performer talk about corruption? His own personal integrity or commitment to public work is suspect going by his poor attendance and participation in parliament. The same goes for the PM who promises a corruption-free state in his insipid campaigns. All of this, while they represent the most corrupt party in the entire democratic world! In just 10 years, the UPA has robbed the Indian treasury of 1.2 trillion USD, one third of USA’s fiscal deficit! What does it say about the slavery of Congress and its supporters who still live a life of slavery to one family which is protected like a royal household? Sonia Gandhi enjoys all the trappings of a queen without the slightest responsibility or accountability for any deeds of the govt or her party. And you know the best part of all of this? Sonia Gandhi is not even a part of the Government!
In response to the SC observations on CBI on Coalgate on April 30 the Congress spokesperson Janardhan Dwivedi claimed that his party has always accepted court rulings. This is one big lie. It is indeed a court ruling in Indira Gandhi’s case overturning her election that led to the imposition of Emergency in this country. That’s a black deed unmatched in any democratic country during peace time. And till recently, until the ‘crowned prince’ of the Congress learnt mysteriously from someplace that the Ordinance is anti people, the Congress led UPA was bringing an ordinance to counter the Supreme Court verdict against convicted MPs and MLAs. It is also a party where a Gandhi is a lifetime president. Democracy does not course in the veins of Congress. A party that does not have or respect democracy at home cannot respect democracy in the nation.
In the attempt to keep its stranglehold on power at any cost the party has destroyed almost every democratic institution in this country. Scheme after scheme has been named after some member of the Nehru-Gandhi family as if everyone else in India was just an also-ran in her history. There will be more Rajiv Gandhi named schemes in the country than the number of tons Sachin Tendulkar hit. This is neither the democracy nor the freedom that people who fought the British dreamt about. In all of this the media continued to treat the PM and Sonia Gandhi like Gods. They proclaimed from rooftops that MMS was “honest and uncorrupt” as if angels from heaven had whispered in their ears. Shameless editors kept giving these certificates till the Supreme Court finally burst their bubble in the Coalgate case with the bogus affidavits by CBI.
A company kills a brand at an appropriate time in its life-cycle. India too needs to kill the Congress party which has long outlived its purpose. It doesn’t mean killing the party’s members. There are many good members in the Congress who must free themselves from slavery and reaffirm their true independence and freedom. They must join other parties or create a new formation completely different from this Congress. Not suggesting that other parties are clean but the Congress has been and will remain the Fountainhead of Corruption or the “Congotri” of corruption. Symbolically, other parties should also remove the word ‘Congress’ from their name if they have it, like the NCP. Corruption in the air, land, water, fire and earth as someone put it (2G, irrigation, coal, land). Every reform or policy that the Congress makes has a backdoor or a window that provides for massive loot. There is hardly a single policy or action that the party and the UPA have taken in the last 9 years that has not been associated by a scam and loot. That’s not all. Caning citizens, failure in foreign relations, poor handling and religious politicisation of terrorism, tolerating separatists, discriminating between states, demonising opponents, demoralising the police and the army, farmer suicides, stagnant economy, inflation, unemployment, fake cases against political opponents, constantly appeasing enemies of the state and even poor vigil of our borders. Never has this nation felt so sunk.
No country in history has ever progressed with bad governance and excessive corruption as partners. None! The Congress suffers from this twin ailment since decades. Its survival is detrimental to the progress of India. Death is the only cure. The corrupt media protects this corrupt party and its bigwigs. Narendra Modi has coined the slogan “Congress-mukt Bharat” like the slogan for “Gutka-mukt rajya”. I wholeheartedly agree with it. For India to progress, Congress must die. And when the Congress dies so will the corrupt media and democratic institutions can limp back to normalcy! It may not dramatically end corruption or evil but it is the equivalent of pulling down the statues of Stalin or Saddam and getting rid of their ideologies. There can at least be a new start.