He said he wants to “open up the system” so many times that we wanted to shut him up in a box.

The whole country was looking forward to Rahul Gandhi’s first interview. But after the interview we wish he hadn’t bothered. He was vague and uninspiring and at best extremely sincere. He repeated the phrases, “opening up the system” and “women need to be empowered” so many times that we almost fell asleep. It seems he’d much rather be an academician who discusses and studies the many problems in the system, than lead a country which is suffering from real problems like inflation, unemployment and corruption. He said, “I think, we will defeat the BJP in the next elections. I will win the election. I am reasonably confident.” Clearly, he has not read any of the opinion polls over the weekend, which have all said the Congress will get the drubbing of the century and win only 110 seats in the Lok Sabha. And now after Rahul’s speech we think the number might go down to 75!

He had no answers when Arnab cornered him on Ashok Chavan getting away in the Adarsh scam case and the Himachal Pradesh chief minister Virbhadra Singh not being removed despite strong evidence of grafting against him. In fact the answer he gave had no connection to the question. He said, “What I will say is that there are six bills in parliament that are sitting there bring them in. Pass them.” What does that mean? When asked if he was avoiding a face-off with Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi went on a tangent and said something about delving into who he is as a person. While we completely empathize with how he lost his father and grandmother, his answer did not answer the question like many of his answers on why his party keeps blaming Narendra for Godhra though he was given a clean chit by the SIT. When asked about 2002, he said that 2002 was different from 1984 as 2002 was State Sponsored and 1984 was not. When asked on how he came to that conclusion, he spoke about how BJP is idelogically different and how it is necessary to empower women and the youth. Uff.

He was also completely unprepared and did not give a single piece of evidence. At another point he said, “Every single thing we have ever done is empower people. We have empowered millions and millions of people through frankly the most powerful legislation that has ever taken place in this country called the RTI- Right to information.” How has his party empowered people? We really want to know. No government in the history of this country has been as corrupt as the one in the last 10 years. First they created an epidemic called corruption, which demanded a cure. Then they invented the cure, RTI, on THE SUPREME COURT’S ORDERS and want a prize for it. They could have just chosen the option of not being so corrupt in the first place. And it sounds absolutely ridiculous when Rahul says, “We need to bring in youngsters and we need to move away from this concentration of power.” His party is the one that has for the last 10 years fielded ministers who are over 65 years of age. In fact, there is not a single youngster on the scene apart from the sons of politicians! One piece of advice for Rahul Gandhi if he wants to be a serious politician like he says he does is that he really needs to learn how to be a better orator.

Though Rahul Gandhi may have disappointed, the best critics of any politician, the twitter verse, failed to disappoint. The topic trended on twitter ever since the first promo of the interview broke on the Times NOW channel. And once again, Rahul Gandhi kept the twitter verse buzzing throughout the interview. Let’s look at some of the funniest tweets:



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