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2014 was the beginning: #ModifiedUP2017

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It was just another dusty Saturday morning in Uttar Pradesh's capital, Lucknow. Life was returning to normal, post the aura and magnificence of elections in India's biggest State, UP- as populated as Brazil. The usual noisy days had dawned once again. The noise of loudspeakers and roadshows was replaced by the noise of children running

A Tale of Two Ranis: Amethi

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 By Omkar Arora Amethi goes to polls in the 5th phase of UP elections. Much has been talked about the “Rani vs Rani” battle between Garima Singh, the estranged wife of the erstwhile ruler Sanjay Singh and his current Queen Ameeta Sinh. The mainstream media has projected it as a straightforward BJP vs Congress fight

The Fight for Varanasi : Head On: Polls 2014

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Mark Twain once wrote, “Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together”. Varanasi has never been short of admirers, tourists and the various nicknames that go along with it.

The Primary Concept – The New Thing in Indian Democracy

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Rahul Gandhi may not be the "smart" leader India is searching for. However, he should be credited for bringing one progressive concept into the foray of Indian Politics- the concept of Primaries. The Congress party’s decision to introduce primary elections to select Lok Sabha candidates seeks to empower party workers and open up new opportunities

‘State’ing the Centre-The 2014 Election Debate-Part 1

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Elections are held to elect a government which will govern the country. Each party has its own idea about how the governance should be carried out. The government of a country is largely dependent upon the ideologies of the ruling party.

2013 Semi Finals : The Results, Part 1-State-Wise Analysis.

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It was a super sunday for BJP and a sulking sunday for the Congress! There were record turnouts, record hype around the elections and finally, record results. BJP swept the elections bagging all 4 states (retaining 2 and capturing 2) and winning/leading in 404 of the 589 seats. The BJP stood victorious with a

2013 Semi Finals : The Exit Polls, One Step Before Results

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These State Elections were probably the biggest elections ever. There was much hype before the elections. The Media coined it the term of "2013 Semi Finals" and it was the first election after the Modi elevation. Many factors came into play but the top ones remained the Modi Wave factor and the Congress anti-incumbency and

The Delhi Semi-Finals-The AAP Factor

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Delhi is an iconic city. From Rajghat to the Gateway of India, Delhi has been the centre of patriotism since forever. Few cities in India, if not the world, have a past as glorious as the glorious Delhi. The Mughals, the British and even us,in present day India, have chosen this city-state to be our