We waited. We hoped. We prayed. And yes, once again, Rahul Gandhi did not disappoint us. The humor quotient in his speech was as good as before and yet again he messed up his speech.

1. The Fact Checker:

Rahul Gandhi : The total number of hungry people in Madhya Pradesh are more than the total number of hungry people in Africa.

Fact: The population of Madhya Pradesh (72.59 million) is less than the total number of hungry people in Africa               ( around 227 million). And, thus, in no possible scenario can the total number of hungry people in Madhya Pradesh be more than the number of hungry people in Africa.

Rahul Gandhi : Whenever they (BJP) talk about development, they talk about roads. Let me tell you that the UPA laid more roads in its tenure than the NDA.

Fact: Even the UPA, in an affidavit to the Supreme Court, admitted that the NDA laid more roads than the UPA.

Rahul Gandhi : The BJP blocked the passage of the Food Security Bill in the Parliament but still we got the Historic Law passed.

Fact: The BJP voted for the bill in the Lok Sabha and Sushma Swaraj also expressed her opinion that she supports the bill, though with some reservations.


2. Twitterati Response:

Now, lets get to the fun part. Lets look at the 5funniest tweets on Rahul Gandhi’s Speech:

1) Bhak Sala (@bhak_sala) :

All babies cry as soon as they are born, in case of Rahul Gandhi, he didn’t, his Mom did 🙂

2) Aladdin!! (@Allahdin):

I think even Rahul Gandhi must have been fed up of being Rahul Gandhi now.

3) Sulagna Dash (@dashsulagna):

Narendra Modi: Bharat Mata ki Jai; Rahul Gandhi: Meri Maa ki Jai.

4) Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt):

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai RT @ANI_news: Yeh rajneetik rishta nahin, pyar ka rishta hai, dil ka rishta hai, izzat ka rishta hai:Rahul Gandhi

5) Donald Duck (@WatDa_Duck):

If Indians vote for Rahul Gandhi despite listening to his speeches, they either lack sense of humor or want only humor in life.


Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed it.