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Ashwin Senthil Kumar is a first-year student of Economics at University of Warwick. The thing about the Chennai lad is that he certainly doesn’t look like much. However, once you get to know him, he still doesn’t seem like much and therein lies his power.

A Tale of Two Ranis: Amethi

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 By Omkar Arora Amethi goes to polls in the 5th phase of UP elections. Much has been talked about the “Rani vs Rani” battle between Garima Singh, the estranged wife of the erstwhile ruler Sanjay Singh and his current Queen Ameeta Sinh. The mainstream media has projected it as a straightforward BJP vs Congress fight

Jallikattu: A Fight for Tamil Identity

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National Media, in the last one week, has projected the protests in Tamil Nadu as one that is solely aimed at revoking the ban on Jallikattu. People across the country have voiced their approval and disapproval for the protest with convincing arguments. However, such dialogues have oft-centred around discussing the sport's legitimacy. The country